SmallFarm is now in Beta!

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What is SmallFarm?

SmallFarm strives to be the easiest way to manage all aspects of your farming operation.

The Gist!

SmallFarm is a Monthly Subscription service for the small farmer. When SmallFarm is released subscribers will pay an initial one time setup fee and a monthly subscription fee. See our pricing. While SmallFarm is in beta, users are able to sign up for FREE and will receive a lifetime subscription to the final software release in return for their feedback! We have limited slots available and they are going FAST! Sign up now to reserve your slot.

Why are you offering SmallFarm for FREE for beta testers?

We are offering SmallFarm for Free because we value our client’s feedback. SmallFarm is a valuable tool for the small farmer and we want the cost of the final release to be intrinsic of the value. Only through our users can we create truly valuable software.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. There is no commitment and no credit card required. Just fill out the sign up form and a member of our Small Farm team will contact you to begin our setup process.

What does beta mean?

Beta software is a pre-release of the final product. We offer beta software to clients for their feedback to help improve and make any final adjustments before final release. It’s a great opportunity for us to receive valued client information and for you to be part of tailoring software to your industries specific needs.


This pricing table represents SmallFarm in its final release. This is NOT for beta.

All our costs are out in the open. You pay a monthly service fee per user and a onetime setup fee. That's it!

SmallFarm $299.99 $49.99

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FREE Setup for Beta users - a $299.00 value

We like to help our clients setup their system to insure success. Below are the 3 steps we take to insure a successful setup with SmallFarm.


A member of our SmallFarm team will contact you directly and setup a 1 hour Discovery Web Meeting where we will review and discuss your operation and data requirements. This is a great opportunity for us to be introduced and to help tailor SmallFarm to your specific requirements. The purpose of this meeting is to gather ALL the Master Farm Data necessary to effectively setup your system and to answer any questions regarding the software or setup.

2. Setup & Review

We will upload all your Master Farm Data to the Hosting Web Server where your SmallFarm system resides. After we have setup your system we will conduct a Follow-Up Web Meeting with you to review your new SmallFarm system.

3. Training

Training is essential to be successful with any new software. We will provide you with two (2) Web Training Sessions to insure success with SmallFarm. These training sessions will help you maintain your Master Farm Data and help teach you to use all aspects of the software. Our Online documentation and tutorials videos will also be available to you 24/7.