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Simple Land ACCESS

LandMagic GeoMaps is a geospatial tool that allows you to view your property, land details, transactions and more.

Manage Your Land from Above.

LandMagic GeoMaps allows you to view your entire farming domain from above. Utilizing Mapbox, leading imagery provider, you get a bird’s eye view of your entire operation with multiple base layers like satellite, streets, etc. In addition, users can view an electronic log book of all job activities occuring on the property. A color-coded map depicts Work Order activity, land details, and structures including barns, wells and irrigation points, etc. everything you need to stay in control and manage your land.

GeoSpatial Viewer

The GeoSpatial Viewer allows you to see your land and operations from a birds eye perspective. Have access to all your important farming data right from the map.

Manage all your land details with GeoMaps

Access all your land records and data directly from the map. With a couple of clicks from the map, drill down to an electronic log book of job activities and transactions

that took place on a specific land/block area or create a work order.

Actionable Aerial Imagery

GeoMaps allows you to create and add your own custom imagery and maps to visualize your data in a whole new way. Now you can optionally subscribe to TerrAvion's Overview imagery service.

This low cost service provides hi resolution, high frequency imagery flown over your land parcels and delivered overnight, allowing you to compare imagery to effectively identify issues and create corrective actions. It's actionable aeiral imagery for agriculture and a way to better target your time to manage pests, iffigation, crop growth, harvesting, etc. The Top 7 Use Cases for Aerial Imaging in Agriculture today.


Sync with Mobile Magic

Upload points collected during scouting observations from MobileMagic to GeoMaps for easy viewing on your mapped land. Device flexibility offers a variety of GPS tools for fencing, triangulation, striping, and collecting points.

Benefits of GeoMaps:

Takes less than 60 seconds.