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LandMagic Harvesting is a system that manages all aspects of harvesting. Take control of your harvesting operations and track performance indicators of blocks and labor. Collect real-time, accurate data while making your harvesting activities more productive and efficient. You nurture and invest in your crops all season long, don't stop at harvest. Transform your agricultural operation to its full potential.

Work with Tickets

This application gives you a detailed list of your harvesting tickets. As the central location of all tickets, it’s easy to review and manage harvesting tickets. See ticket status and detailed overview of specific tickets for easy download.

New Tickets

Quickly and easily create new harvesting tickets without the use of the harvesting schedule. User-friendly interface allows for creating split tickets as well as memorization of trailer tag numbers. Have the freedom to print tickets in the office or in the field using a variety of devices.

Harvesting Schedule

Organize your harvesting operation with easy to use schedules. Plan out harvesting schedules for today and future dates by including the pre-defined land being harvested and number of loads to be picked, as well as selecting the harvester. This helps to speed up and facilitate ticket entry by creating tickets directly off the schedule.

Sync with MobileMagic.

Using LandMagic Harvesting's extension application, MobileMagic Harvesting, users are able to generate harvesting tickets and create harvesting estimates from the field, offline.

Harvesting Add-ons.

Harvesting add-ons enhance features based on your company needs. Payroll add-ons for QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, ADP, and CitrusPro allow you to integrate Harvesting with your existing payroll system.

Benefits of Harvesting:

Takes less than 60 seconds.