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What is FieldTime?

LandMagic's FieldTime is a Time and Attendance solution specifically designed for agriculture businesses. It tracks regular and H2A field worker's status and activities, checks in/out workers or crews, calculates time worked automatically eliminating manual time card calculations. Import time, attendance, and piece counts into your payroll system.

Stop wasting time and money and switch to an automated time and attendance management system. FieldTime streamlines the timekeeping process, increases accuracy, and provides better control, improved compliance and in-house intelligence - all for less money than is being spent on a manual system.

Take FieldTime into the field.

MobileMagic provides mobility for your FieldTime solution. Time and attendance can now be recorded while in the field by using a number of devices. Capture time in/time out and piece counts for individual workers or entire crews quickly and easily with electronic timekeeping. After the data is collected, upload to LandMagic in the office for review and approval.

Integrates with your current payroll system.

If you already have an accounting system, keep it. There is no need to rip out your existing systems. LandMagic products offer full integration with most third-party software including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

FieldTime's Time and Attendance features at a glance:

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Why is FieldTime different?

More Accurate Recordkeeping!

With LandMagic FieldTime, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your timekeeping data is accurate. Electronic timekeeping is becoming more important than ever. Federal regulations are getting more strict and now’s a great time to upgrade to a more advanced timekeeping system.

Web-based Makes Things Easier!

Web-based software makes its simple to access your LandMagic information anywhere an Internet connection is available. Crew leaders are able to upload daily or weekly worksheets to the office from MobileMagic using web services. It’s quick and easy.

View our Why Web-based software page for more information.

Choose Your Language!

All of LandMagic’s products support English, Spanish, Portuguese and Traditional and Mandarin Chinese. Each user can specify their preferred language and even change specific words to personalize your system. If you don’t like our terminology, simply change it without expensive programming costs. Multiple users within the company can all be operating using different languages with full compatibility.

Our Software is Device Flexible.

Our software gives you device flexibility to let you choose your own preferred data collection devices. If you already own devices, there's no need to buy new equipment.

With our web-based software there is no need to upgrade personal computers. The software runs in any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.) which requires no special hardware.

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