Why Web Based Software?

LandMagic offers a new generation of software that is accessible anywhere you find an Internet connection. Web-based software has many great benefits:

CD IconNo More Expensive Hardware or Software Downloads.
Don’t worry about CD’s or tricky installation processes, and
save valuable hard drive space.

Globe IconAvailable Anytime, Anywhere.
Since you don’t have to download the software to one
machine, web-based applications allows you to use your username
and password to access your information anywhere Internet is available.

Lock IconAll Your Data is Safe and Secure.
Web-based software allows for your data to be safe and secure on a server. Hosting
options are available.

Computer IconOpen Platform.
LandMagic is compatible with Windows, Mac OX, and Linux operating

CD IconGo Mobile.
Most mobile devices are easily adaptable to web-based software
applications. MobileMagic™ makes keeping track of your land so
simple with mobile device flexibility.

Server IconSeamless Updates.
Upgrades are applied at the server level. Your database will be
updated automatically.



Takes less than 60 seconds!