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  • Job Scheduling
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Easily Create Work Orders From Your Desktop or in the Field. Generating work orders is simple with CropCare’s Work Order application. Create Work Orders daily and make sure your caretaking operation is running smoothly.

Easily Create Work Orders From Your Desktop or in the Field. Watch an Overview video on Work Orders.

No need to manually create single work orders with Job Scheduling. Start scheduling multiple work orders for days, weeks or months at a time. All work orders are created quickly in a clean, easy to use calendar view. Track percentage complete, remaining work orders, scheduled land, and much more.

Update job statuses and stay informed with Job Activities. Job Activity allows you to update a jobs status to help you keep track of it's progression. Add activity to a work order to track which worker completed the job along with hours worked, equipment used and time, materials and quantity. Increase efficiency and stay on schedule with Job Activities.

Have access to critical information with detailed reports. CropCare’s reporting features allow you to record your caretaking operation by providing detailed analysis.

Item List. Keep a detailed list of chemicals used within your operation. Store important data for each item including Manufacture’s Number, EPA registration number, and whether this item belong in a kit for a build of materials. Know which chemicals are Restricted Use Pesticides or Hazardous, and if so, capture the re-entry period. Include these chemicals when you’re generating Work Orders in CropCare.

Equipment List. Keep track of all your equipment in one location. Define which Barn or Shop equipment is stored in and add to Work Orders when equipment is used.

Material Safety Data Sheets and Worker Protection Sheets. Stay in compliance and keep your workers safe with these important documents. Save them in your database and access them as necessary for posting and educational purposes.

Create your own jobs. Create frequently performed jobs by user and barn. Expedite the work order process using "My Jobs" the jobs you do for caretaking.

Take work orders even further with Job Templates. Using the Job Template, users can define a default set of attributes including the number of workers and equipment required for the job. This speeds up the work order process saving time and money.

Easily switch between multiple languages and change individual words to suite preference. We’ve developed LandMagic to work for you. Change your language preferences on the fly. You also have the ability to change the terminology in the system to make it more suitable to your operation. For example, change Land Area to Ranch or Grove.

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