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Create a WorkSheet Easily set the crew, type, location, head count, piece rate and more when creating a worksheet.

Crew Schedule Manage all your Time and Attendance with the Crew Schedule. Easily create new worksheets and add new workers to the system. Data from the field is uploaded to the crew schedule for review and approval.

WorkSheet Detail The worksheet detail is all your time and attendance data for a particular worksheet. Adding time in/out, breaks, benefits, and piece counts for a worker or an entire crew is easy with a simple click of a button. Ensure all data is correct here before approval.

Work with Contacts Work with Contacts is a repository for information on anyone you do business with. More importantly, this system allows you to manage all of your employee’s information.

Crew Performance Report Generate a performance report on your crews or workers. Have easy access to important information to ensure the job is getting done.


Web Connector - Integrates with QuickBooks. With the QuickBooks Web Connector, QuickBooks easily connects to FieldTime and downloads all your timekeeping data. There is no need to replace your current payroll system.

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