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  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Transactions

Working with Inventory. BarnManager makes working with inventory simple. The application automatically alerts you on low inventory quantities and reorder points. The intuitive color coded interface allows you to understand your inventory at a glance.

Have all your inventory data at your fingertips with the item list and item details. With the comprehensive Item list, managing your inventory is easy. Add, delete, edit, or retrieve item information quickly. Keep detailed information such as MSDS, WPS, on hand totals, bill rates, and re-entry periods for hazardous materials. Set reorder points, minimum stock, and life span for items. BarnManger automatically updates you on low inventory or out of date materials.

Track your Equipment usage hours and more. The equipment list keeps track of all you equipment. Categorize your equipment and add to specific barns for easy entry into a Work Order when a piece of equipment is used. Track the number of hours the equipment was used to prepare for maintenance needs.

Track the where, when, who, how and more with Inventory History. Inventory history provides you with a record of all transactions, transfers and receipts for materials. Keep a full history of inventory movements or adjustments to track down any problems or theft.

Material Data Safety Sheets and Worker Protection Sheets. Regulations are changing rapidly and it’s more important than ever to keep your workers safe and stay in compliance. With all your material safety data sheets, worker protection sheets and manufacturer’s labels at your fingertips, access to these important documents is quick and easy.

Receive items into inventory and track all your receipts. Easily receive items into inventory. Keep track of where it came from, the cost, and much more. Inventory quantities are updated automatically with receipt. The Receipt List manages all your receipts. Keep detailed information on who ordered the material, received the material, cost, and receipt type.

Manage all your requistions. The requisition allows you to keep track of all ordered materials, received, not received, or partially received. Create new requisitions when the system tells you an item is close to minimum stock.

Keep track of your consignments and get the best price with Vendor Ranking. Managing materials stored elsewhere is simple and accurate with the Consignment manger. Always know what you have and where it is located. Keep a record of who you buy from and the cost of each purchase at the item level. BarnManager ranks your vendors using the last purchased price and purchase frequency. Easily see your preferred vendors and make sure you’re getting the best price.

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