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Get more out of BarnManager with CropCare!


Make the most of your BarnManager system by adding on LandMagic CropCare. Now, update inventory and distribute hours to equipment used by creating a work order.

No need to manually adjust your inventory

When you add materials to a work order in CropCare, BarnManager's inventory is automatically updated.

Increases inventory accuracy

We all know how important it is to keep inventory accurate. Using CropCare to create your work orders allows the system to update inventory and track the what, where and when. BarnManager logs history on every inventory action. Keep track of what materials are being used and on what work order.

Don't switch between multiple applications

Switching between multiple applications to access data is inefficient. CropCare pulls in all available inventory data from BarnManager. This gives you real-time access to the data needed to be accurate and efficient when creating a work order.

Speeds up workflow

By integrating these applications you are able to expedite the work order/inventory relationship. Now, simply create a work order, add what is needed, and the system does the rest. We have cut out the lengthy process of manual entry and hand written logs.